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Hello Hot Dubbers!!! There is so much going on, I want to give you an extended newsletter type thing, so here is the first ever edition of the HOT DUB DIGEST! (Other name suggestions welcome)

The headlines:
-HOT DUB FINALLY HAS A GIG IN SYDNEY COMING UP!! others around Australia coming up soon too!!
-And finally, hugely, I’ve finally got some NEW HOT DUB SHIRTS! which I’m going to put on sale for TEN QUID! BARGAIN!

Now for the details:

FIRST OFF: thanks so much for taking the time to find my page and like it! I really appreciate it. I try not to post too often, but each time it’s gone up by a few people I get a real thrill, and it’s so exciting to have so many people into what I do. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

ALSO, Don’t forget to check out my podcast Hot Dub Time Machine Radio, it’s on itunes here (http://tinyurl.com/k3s8dpn), I haven’t made a new episode in awhile, but I will soon I promise!!


SYDNEY: I’m returning to Australia in a couple of weeks and have an awesome gig lined up at the Beresford on Saturday October 26. This is my first home town gig since the Sydney Festival in January, so it’s going to be filled with wonderful people, I really hope you can come.

I’m also doing a tour of the funkiest spots in the country, so watch out Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and everyone else, Hot Dub is coming to you, before the end of November! Stay tuned for more details!

EDINBURGH: I’m coming back for the whole of December!! I’m playing in the awesome SummerHall! It’ll be like the McEwan but a bit more intimate and super fun. They’ve given me 3 and half hours to play with, so each night will be epic!!! Tickets: https://www.edinburghschristmas.com/HotDubTimeMachine

ALSO: the last gig of my stupidly long European summer is at the opal lounge in Edinburgh on Saturday October 12. I’m really hoping the fringe hot dub faithful will turn out and give me a bit of send off. It’s going to be quite special. Be quick on tix, coz capacity is quite limited. http://tinyurl.com/lqcshrl JAGER BOMBS AT THE READY!

GLASGOW AND ABERDEEN: I’m playing at the Garage in both cities on Friday and Saturday 4-5 October, and it should be pretty loose!

T-SHIRTS: I’ve got a limited run of Hot Dub Shirts and Singlets (Vests for the scots) made due to your constant nagging!!! And I will only be selling them for the next 10 days. You need to order one by Tuesday 8 October. They are 10 pounds, plus 3 quid postage for the UK, or 20 Australian Dollars total for aussies. There are three sizes, M, L and XL, (http://imgur.com/IVDj0KQ PROOF!) and a one size fits all singlet (http://imgur.com/kIWS3dT only ten available!). They are all quite big, so I recommend some T-shirt modding if you’re a smaller person, or groovy hot chick. Send me a message if you want one, and I’ll get back to you with the details!

And that’s it!! I’m now about to get on a train to Swansea and continue this super-fun freshers tour. Once again, thank you very much for your support, I loves you’s all! It’s been a thrilling year so far, and I have a feeling it’s only going to get better! I hope to boogie with you all again, very soon!!!

DJ Tom Loud xxx

PS. here’s a special bonus photo is you made it this far. With my cutest member of the Hot Dub Team: http://imgur.com/cHAFc4E